“Some people dream about what they want to do. Others do what they dream about.”

Thanks for visiting me online. I truly do love to ski and teach and my passion is to help fellow ski instructors achieve their dreams.
If you share my love for teaching and skiing and are passionate about improving as a skier and instructor, join me and my other top coaches at my Fall Instructor Camp.
We can’t wait to help you do what you dream about!Jennifer Simpson

Fall Instructor Camp 2018

Three term PSIA Alpine Team member Jennifer Simpson has been helping people kickoff their season with the Simpson Camp for over a decade. It is your chance to start the season dialed and motivated to find out what you can do. The Instructor camp is based out of Loveland ski Area Colorado. It is a short drive down the mountain to reach the inclusive and welcoming camp condos. The family style dinners, hot tubs, and comradery make for an outstanding ending to every day.

Full Camp


  • 6 Days Coaching
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Per Diem Camp


Per Day
  • Per Day Coaching
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